A Home for All of Us

Due to a change in property ownership, Dharma Drum Mountain’s SF Chapter must move to a new location. Fortunately, we have found and purchased  a church in Fremont as our new home.   In order to continue to promote Dharma Drum Mountain’s mission in serving the San Francisco Bay Area, we urgently need your help to fund the renovation of the 80 year old church and pay off loans.

Dharma Drum Mountain was founded by the late Master Sheng Yen (1930-2009) who taught Chinese Chan Buddhism in the West for over thirty years. His teaching, based on traditional Chan, is accessible and applicable to a modern busy life.  The San Francisco Bay Area chapter supports this mission with more than 300 educational events each year, including classes, public talks, workshops, and meditation retreats in both English and Chinese.  All aim at bringing Chan to daily life.

Come!  Come join us! Be part of building this new spiritual center for the benefit of everyone in the bay area.

(510) 996-8572     donation@ddmbasf.org