Application for 3-day Retreat


  1. Please do not apply if you have severe health problems such as: hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, sleeping problems, depression, etc.
  2. During the retreat, participants should observe noble silence. Furthermore, smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming animal products, reading, making notes, using cell phones and performing any type of electronic recordings are also prohibited.
  3. Applications will only be deemed complete when all sections in this form are properly filled. If accepted, applicants will receive a notice of acceptance within two weeks.
  4. Retreatants must commit to the entire length of retreat.



   Time: Dec. 8, 2017 (4:30 -6:00 pm check-in) to Dec. 10, 2017 (5:00pm) 
   Location: Dharma Drum Mountain San Francisco Bay Area Center at 255 H. Street, Fremont, CA 94536 
   Prerequisite: Completed a 1-day retreat or equivalent experience
   Suggested donations:   $100  (Any amount will be greatly appreciated.)
   Registration Deadline:  November 30 or Fully Booked


Thank you for applying the 3-day retreat. Please read the statements above carefully and check the box below if you agree.

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Personal Practice History  

Meditation Experience  

Personal Health Conditions


Dear Event Participants, we’ll be taking photos and/or videos at our events and posting them from time to time for informational and/or educational purposes of humanitarian contributions and social well-beings. As we respect and care about each and every one of you, please let us know if you do not want us to post pictures and/or videos of you.

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